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The predecessor of Wuhu Filter Woods Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. is Yongsheng Plastic Products Factory, which was founded in 2001. After five years of rapid development, we invested in the expansion of the plant in Fangcun Industrial Park of Wuhu in 2006. The company was renamed Wuhu Yongsheng Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. From the beginning production of plastic fittings has been successfully transformed into a one-stop production and technology-oriented enterprise for processing filter fittings, processing, marketing and R & D of finished products. From the initial domestic trade, gradually to the overseas market development. The company has been exported to South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and so on, and has been unanimously recognized and praised by overseas customers.In 2017, the company upgraded again, and invested heavily in the new high-standard factory area of Jiujiang Economic Development Zone in Wuhu City, formally renamed as Wuhu Filter Woods Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.

The new factory has 22,000 square meters of production workshop. On the basis of expanding the original product line, a new dust-free production workshop has been built, and ultra-pure water equipment imported from Germany has been introduced to vigorously develop PES filters for high-precision electronic industry.

Our company now has more than 10 R & D teams, 20 sales teams, more than 100 fixed workers, annual production of melt blown filter cartridge more than 10000000 pieces, string wound filter cartridge more than 4000000 pieces, pleated filter cartridge more than 2000000 pieces, high flow filter cartridge more than 100000 pieces, PES filter cartridge more than 10000 pieces.

Our company's service purpose is to provide customers with better products, more stable supply, more intimate service, and more reasonable prices.

Wuhu Filter Woods Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. is looking forward to your visit.



4. Adequate supply / quality assurance
The company has long maintained good cooperative relations with major famous steel factories at home and abroad, and has become a partner of many famous steel factories, power plants and chemical plants in China; professional filter and filter element manufacturers refuse middleman price difference to ensure quality!

5. Providing integrated services to customers
The company has a strong team of technical engineers and business teams, you can go to the user site at any time for mapping, just one phone call from you! It can provide customized integrated services to meet customer needs in an all-round way.

Application Area

Pharmaceutical Filtration

Pharmaceutical Water Filtration
Filtration Of Aseptic APIs
Preparation Filtration
Vaccine, Serum And Biological Products Filtration
Filtration Of Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Pharmaceutical Gas And Respirator Filtration
Laboratory Research, Small-Scale VA

Microelectronic Filtration

FPD Wet Process Filtration
Filtration Of Electronic Chemicals
Special Material Filtration
CMP Process Filtration
Preparation And Filtration Of Ultrapure Water
Ultra Pure Gas Filtration
Low Dose Filtration And Filter

Food And Beverage Filtration

Beer Filtration
Wine Filtration
Soft Drink Filtration
Dairy Filtration
Bottled Water Filtration
Fruit Wine Filtration
Juice Filtration

Industrial Filtration

Printing Ink

Water Treatment Filtration

Drinking Water
Commercial Water
Swimming Pool &SPA Water Treatment
Seawater Desalination