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  • filter-cartridge1

    How to replace the filter element of water purifier and how often?

    Now many families use the water purifier, but the household water purifier is different from other electrical appliances. Its core part - filter element is a consumable product, which needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly. Harm of not changing filter element 1. The ...

  • filter-cartridge

    How to replace the filter cartridge of household water purifier?

    After using the filter element of water purifier for a period of time, we all need to consider how to replace it. Generally, the filter element of water purifier has a replacement cycle of 3 months to 3 years, which is mainly replaced according to the product description...

  • meltblown-filter-cartridge

    How many kinds of water purifier filter elements

    1. In order to ensure that the water purifier products meet the use needs of customers, the installation personnel shall ensure that the inlet water quality, inlet pressure, inlet flow and water temperature of the water purifier meet the requirements in the product perfo...

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